Dr Starritt is an experienced dermatological surgeon skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin cancer common and rare.  Many skin cancers require surgical management and Dr Starritt is able to provide a convenient consulting rooms based surgical service.  No prior preparation is required and patients may leave straight after their procedures in the majority of cases. 

Dr Starritt is dedicated to providing the best skin surgery available and has a reputation for achieving excellent cosmetic results.  

Non surgical treatment options:

Some skin cancers may be treated non-surgically, and Dr Starritt is able to provide a range of non-surgical options for appropriate cases. 

Photo Dynamic therapy (PDT):

This involves application of a sensitising cream for three hours followed by exposure to a special red light for 8 minutes. The treatment is then repeated two weeks later.  It is the best available non-surgical treatment for skin cancers but is only appropriate for certain superficial and low-grade lesions.

Topical immunotherapy:

This involves daily application for several weeks of a cream to help the body’s own immune system destroy the skin cancer. It is only appropriate for certain superficial and low-grade lesions.



Anti-wrinkle/muscle relaxant injections:

Dr Starritt commonly performs anti-wrinkle injections.  This is very safe and effective cosmetic procedure involving the injection of small amounts of a highly refined naturally occurring protein (Botulinum toxin) into specific facial muscles that contract and create wrinkles.  The Botulinum toxin blocks the connection between the tiny nerves and muscles so they do not contract.

After treatment, the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled while untreated facial muscles contract in a normal fashion, allowing normal facial expression to be unaffected. It is mostly used to treat wrinkles of the upper face.  There is little down time and most people find they can continue their day to day activities straight after treatment.

This product is also very successful in the treatment of excessive sweating, particularly of the underarms.

Filler injections:

Changes that occur with age include thinning of the skin and loss of fat in specific areas under the skin on the face in particular.  Replacing this lost volume with fillers is a very effective rejuvenation technique.  Dr Starritt uses the safest fillers available and these are mostly natually occurring complex carbohydrate molecules that plump the skin.

Dr Starritt commonly uses fillers to improve areas to the lips, cheeks, and lower face in general.


Dr Starritt specialises in the use of a variety of laser systems to address problems such as scarring, prominent vasculature, pigmentation and general rejuvenation.  Dr Starritt also combines different types of laser treatments to achieve excellent results for a variety of skin problems.